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Hard times

Hard times had come and we were desperate to sell the farm. So when a big city investor jokingly asked if I came with the deal, my daddy laughed along with him, but gave me a secret look when the investor wasn’t watching.

Later that afternoon, I took the potential buyer out for a tour of the land and revealed once we were all the way on the other side that I hadn’t come wearing any panties. He sealed the deal right there with his cum in my fertile womb.

I told him if he didn’t pull out, he couldn’t back out. Now he’s going to have his farm, my daddy’s going to get his money, and I’m going to be growing a rich man’s baby in my belly.

His cock twitched and shot

I knew it was coming when he slowed. Before his shuddering sigh.

His cock twitched and shot, and pulsed and pulsed inside me.

I had to get up and out of there, but as I tried to raise myself, feeling some, but far from all of the hot cum dripping out of me, a hand pushed down between by shoulders, leaving my hips raised as I heard the call “Next!”

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