Chica inseminada en el baño

VIDEO: Una pareja follando en el baño de su casa.

Tras llegar de la playa y después de una buena ducha la chica se quita la toalla y se empieza a follar a su novio en el baño. Ella al final le pide a él que le de su leche dentro de ella. Su coño está muy húmedo y jugoso como si estuviera sediento de semen.

Al final el chico se viene dentro de ella y es cuando en el vídeo se ve lo mas excitante. Ella empieza a empujar, utilizando sus músculos vaginales, para expulsar todo el esperma y este va cayendo encima del suelo.

Lo mas morboso es precisamente ver eso y escuchar los impactos del creampie al impactar encima del suelo del baño. Un creampie excelente.



Cum in me baby

She wouldn’t pull off, she couldn’t pull off.  Tristan bellowed under her, grabbing her hips as she slid her slick folds up and down his bare cock, addicted to the feeling and knowing full well the risk she was running.

When she felt him stiffen under her she cooed softly “Cum in be baby, give me that cum…shoot it all inside me.”

Poor Tristan never had a chance, his cock had been on a hair trigger for the last few minutes and he erupted hard inside of her tightness, his cock shooting violently inside of her as her pussy sucked and milked his seed pole.

She relentlessly fucked him through his orgasm, working her pussy around him as he gave her his essence.  “That’s a good boy” she moaned as he filled her with so much sperm that it started to leak out of her and down his swollen balls.

Camilla Rhodes form Washington state

Camilla and her husband met a friend of ours in Washington state who is a fan of wcgb and has been for years. He met Camilla and her hubby at a swing party and told them about us and about amateur video stuff. They got together and did a couple things on camera with him for fun, and then he convinced her that she should do a gangbang and that we were the ones she should come to.

Camilla came to town and first did a one-on-one with one of the guys to break the ice and then a couple days later we hooked up the gb. She came to town without her husband because he gets off knowing that she is being a slut with other guys without him being present. He likes her to call him on the phone while she is being nasty or just after to tell him all about what happened in detail.

He will be able to check it all out on the sites to see how much fun she had on her first L.A. vacation. We hope to see Camilla again, either here or in Wash on a future trip.

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He Cleaned Me This Weekend

I wasn’t always into the idea of my cuckold cleaning creampies out of me. Heck, I wasn’t always interested in having other men cum inside me. Over time, though, I came around to the idea. It started with fantasy talk. Then I let a bull I trusted cum inside me. The last step was letting my cuck clean the cum out of me, which didn’t come until a little later.

Now I love it. Saturday night we had a bull over and he creamed my pussy thoroughly. The sex was fantastic and my orgasms were incredible. The orgasm I have when my cuckold eats another man’s cum out of me is even better though.

His hunger for me and the cum in my pussy turns me on. The desire in his eyes as he crawls between my legs is intensely erotic. The way he devours my pussy makes me tingle from head to toe. It’s become one of my favorite things about our cuckold marriage, which is why I’m especially turned on when I meet with a bull that’s going to fill me with cum.

Lisa lust creampie wearing panties

The Story: It's been almost a year since Lisa first appeared on the site and she recently got in touch to let me know she was in town again for a few days. I remember the first time she was so nervous, I thought she was going to run away at some point but Lisa is now more open minded and adventurous.

This time, we met up closed to my place but I actually had a "normal" date afterwards, so I wanted to meet her up for just a bit to catch up, creampie her and then go on with my Saturday night. She also had to go go eat with her family, so it all worked out. So I picked her up from the mall where she was shopping and took her to one of the nearby business parks to take some pictures and I ended up fucking her a little in the parking lot. But since there was a security person doing his rounds, I couldn't really stay there too long or take my camera out to video it.

So instead, we went to the room I got and I ended up fucking her there. And I normally never cum prematurely but since I had been fucking her in the car, by the time we started to fuck in the hotel, I wanted to cum inside her already. So few minutes after I started shooting the video,

I ended up cumming inside her pussy before I even had the chance to pull off her panties. So she ended up going to her dinner with her cum soaked panties afterwards.