I’m waiting for these goo

Since I’m waiting for these goo guns to reload. Gonna post pics from earlier in the week. At a sex club in S.F Wednesday before e.p.r. just per gaming with my baby step sister Kandi. Just pounding a few cum cocktails. There so much fun to make.

Watching cum runs down

One of the major disadvantage of Laura playing only during her business travel is that I never get to have her soon after she’s fucked.

Watching cum runs down her thighs remains a rare occurrence.

Oh yes baby…

Oh yes baby… That’s it pump my pussy full of all your lovely hot cum… Oh yes.. More.. Give it to me… Oh fuck I can feel every powerful stream… Yes yes yes… don’t stop.. Knock me up… Make my tummy fat….

Enorme corrida

Unas imágenes algo originales. Aunque no vemos el momento que el esperma sale del coño de esta mujer vemos los instantes posteriores a ello. El hombre hecha una enorme carga de leche dentro de la mujer y ella al echarlo hacia afuera deja manchada toda la cama.