DOGFART: Erika Devine

To say Erika Devine is "nervous" about her first interracial sex scene is putting it mildly. We find her and Isiah on their way to our office in the hopes of making her the next big thing. The sexual chemistry between both of them leads to an all out fuck-a-thon in a public restroom--they did miss their appointment.

Isiah's disregard for punctuality is forgiven since he's now got his big black cock in Erika's mouth. The shy blonde works over that big black cock while the risk of them getting caught increases by the second. Isiah's meaty sword finds deep housing in Erika's tight, white cunt.

The janitor's plight of cleaning up after them will be easy--Isiah's load gets shot deep in that fertile womb.

VIDEO: Skylar drips a huge creampie

VIDEO: It seems that a lot of members and fans are eager to see more of Cathy's step-sister Skylar so here is the creampie I gave her the first time we fucked.

It was one of the most intense orgasms I've ever experienced and for a couple of seconds, as I was shooting my load into her, I thought I was going to black out.


VIDEO: Chanell's Orgy Creampie

VIDEO: During the afternoon we spent with Chanell we learned that she had always wanted to be with multiple guys at the same .. so .. we organized a small orgy for her.

There were three guys, Cathy and her and she loved being fucked by a different guy every few minutes. Here's the awesome creampie one of the guys gave her!!