Tida from Thailand

Back by popular demand is the beautiful Queen-Nymph Tida. My school girl arrived wearing her white button down blouse, high hemmed skirt, and high heel shoes. Tida started slowly stripping out of her uniform, squeezing together her massive tits that were bulging out of the top of her bra. Once she saw my rock hard cock, she dropped to her knees and started giving me a wonderful blowjob. Next, she wrapped her giant cans around my cock and gave me a little mammary intercourse. By then my cock wanted to explode. I positioned Tida on the bed doggie-style and slowly entered her wet dripping pussy. Tida«s cunt engulfed my cock and began rocking backwards onto my shaft. Her dirty pillows swung back n forth with every thrust into her vagina. I realized I had become Tida»s sex toy as she fucked me on the floor, the chair, the bed, against the wall, it was all a blur. Tida brought me back to reality when she told me to cum inside her pussy. Like every great sex toy, my natural instincts kicked in and I ejaculated my jizz deep inside Tida's receptive cunt.

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