Tracy Kiss

Hi, my name is Tracy Kiss and yes it’s a real surname as my late grandfather was Hungarian. I am a single parent to my two beautiful children Millisent, aka my Millie sent from heaven, and my angel Gabriele.

I like to think I’m a pretty level-headed kind of girl who thinks about others before I think of myself, I give money to support lifeboat charities and food for dogs. I don’t take anything in life too seriously, I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong or poke fun out of myself.

I’m vegetarian, I live in an eco-friendly house in the woods but not in a hippy kind of way. I used to be a model some years ago now, but I was fortunate enough to have gained a good education, seen the world and learnt a bit about life along the way. What more can I say? Come and see for yourself!

Here’s a video which pretty much sums me up, or you can skip to my life in press pictures at the end of this post or read a load of soppy growing up stuff below.

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