mayo 16, 2018

A girl from

There's nothing I like more than getting fucked until my pussy is filled with hot creamy cum. Sometimes I like to scoop up my creampies with my fingers and have a little afternoon snack. You'll find plenty of creampies here , why not come in and dump your load too?

TRUE STORY (by Wayne from Jean and I were going to a bar meet and needed someone to watch our cats. There was this sexy girl down the street I had talked to several times at the neighborhood pool. She was attending a local college and me being the average horny male that I am, I was thinking perverted thoughts when I saw Amy's sexy young tight round ass in a very skimpy bikini.

After getting to know her with small talk at the pool I mentioned Jean and I were going out of town and we needed someone to house sit for us. She volunteered because she said it would be great to get away from her parents for a few days and earn some shopping money. Amy knew nothing about our web site. We had a great time at our barmeet and on the way home Jean and I were talking about how we'd love to get young Amy in bed. In fact, Jean kept teasing me by talking dirty to me and stroking my cock saying how bad she'd love to see me fucking Amy.

It was a great fantasy but we never thought it would happen because she's so young and shy, so we thought. As we pulled into the driveway I noticed the lights were on in our office area. I had specifically told Amy the office was off limits. Jean and I entered the house very quietly because I wanted to see what Amy was doing. We tip toed over to the office door and listened quietly for a couple minutes. I could her a faint buzzing noise and my first though was she was playing with our toys. Was I right? I opened the doors rapidly.

I was in SHOCK! There was young Amy lying back in my office chair with with one hand on the mouse and another holding a vibrator against her clit looking at some of our pictures. I was at a loss for words. She scrambled to get her clothes as she was apologizing. I calmed her down and told her it would be our little secret. We started talking about our trip... now she knows what we do so there was no need to keep it secret from her anymore...

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