I have a cunt and ass that loves to be filled with large cum spurting cocks. I like it best when there are one in each of my well used fuck holes. If you want to make a warm creamy donation to my waiting sperm banks, just let me know. I'm wet and ready most of the time.

My idea of a dream date is to go to a party, take off all my clothes, have my hands tied to my ankles and be fucked and cum on by every one and every thing at the party, cocks in my ass and cunt, kitchen utensils, even the household dog, all while you watch, I want to ooze cum from all my pores.

And for all of you guys out there that would like to have a shot at filling my me up with your hot creamy sperm, show me a pic of you coating a pic of me or your computer screen with your cum and send it to me helovesmyass@gmail.com if I like the way you treat my picture I might let you know where to find me.

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trrr dijo...

Me encantaria meterle mi pija y echarla dentro la LECHE y despues un anal

Daniel Leinad dijo...

rica su concha ahhh? soltando leche!!!