diciembre 29, 2015


What better things to do on your birthday then make a creampieundies movie? Well that is exactly what happened when Viki came to visit. I know all work but no play, but my work is play and Viki was eager to join the fun.

Viki took off all of her clothes off except her yellow undies and revealed her teen body with nice breasts. Those yellow undies were driving me wild as I could not wait to soak them with my cum.

Viki began to tease me by pulling her undies to the side and inserting her fingers into her juicy pussy. I eagerly took off all of my clothes and she began to give me a footjob, now that was a nice birthday surprise.

Viki gave a pretty good blowjob too, but the best part was sticking my aching cock inside Viki's wet pussy from every position until I until I came inside her pussy and gave her the best creampie from behind. Viki decided to show off for the camera and flexed her pussy muscles and made the creampie fart into her panty, now you don't see that every day. This was the best birthday surprise ever.

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