I am an MWF in my late forties whose nasty husband likes to take pictures of me and document adventures - but he especially loves my feet. The posts you see here will be of me, my feet, and my adventures.

SEMI-REAL TIME UPDATE 11/30 at 1:30ET:  Just documenting last night’s activities.  Not that easy to get pictures that don’t show faces (or in one case tattoos), but my dear, perverted husband was able to pull together a few to document the fun from our halftime entertainment (that actually went into the 3rd quarter) during the Alabama-Auburn game.  Just grab a beer and come by the guest room.  I guess hubby didn’t want to mess up our new couch, or force anyone to sit in the wet spot.  The first picture is from before the fun started.  I think you can figure out the next two on your own!  Drip… Drip… Drip…

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