Chealsy creampied from Filipinas

One thing's for sure, if Grampa-expat sees this video, there's gonna be a new 18 yr old Pinay named Chealsy in need of a home. Amid her hasty libidinous actions, she probably didn't realize these 2 crazy Filipinos were actually the "native" members of the infamous band of Trike-riding, infidelity-exposing mongers. Can hardly blame a girl for wanting a shag with someone born in her decade, can you?

They are humans too, after all. But even I gotta admit, answering your old fart money-ko's phone call while you're taking it from behind in a short-time hotel room is a little outrageous. (see vid - approx 08:50) Poor old bastard. Nobody likes to be lied to and cheated on. Especially not on camera, haha.

So that's Chealsy and her "cheatin' heart" (or, cheatin' pussy, really) episode. For those who hate their illusion bein' broken with the local brown winky, don't worry, we go back to white dick next week, lol.

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