She wouldn’t pull off, she couldn’t pull off.  Tristan bellowed under her, grabbing her hips as she slid her slick folds up and down his bare cock, addicted to the feeling and knowing full well the risk she was running.  When she felt him stiffen under her she cooed softly “Cum in be baby, give me that cum…shoot it all inside me.”

Poor Tristan never had a chance, his cock had been on a hair trigger for the last few minutes and he erupted hard inside of her tightness, his cock shooting violently inside of her as her pussy sucked and milked his seed pole.  She relentlessly fucked him through his orgasm, working her pussy around him as he gave her his essence.  “That’s a good boy” she moaned as he filled her with so much sperm that it started to leak out of her and down his swollen balls.

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