Baby, Now!  Pull off Now

She’d talked him in to going bare, and he was loving it, but it was making him approach orgasm much more quickly than usual.  ”Baby, mmm, I think you may need to pull off, I’m getting pretty close.”

“Oh, not yet baby, this feels so good!  Please, let me ride it a little longer!  Just hold it for me baby, please!”

He groaned, and tried to calm himself, but her incredible bare pussy just felt too good.  He gritted his teeth, clenching the sheets, trying to think about baseball, but that only bought him a few more seconds.

“Baby, Now!  Pull off Now!"

At that second, her orgasm hit her like a tsunami, and she plunged herself down on him hard, her pussy twitching in orgasmic contractions.  As she screamed out in ecstasy, so did he, pumping his potent cum in to her unprotected pussy.

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