mayo 18, 2017

He Cleaned Me This Weekend

I wasn’t always into the idea of my cuckold cleaning creampies out of me. Heck, I wasn’t always interested in having other men cum inside me. Over time, though, I came around to the idea. It started with fantasy talk. Then I let a bull I trusted cum inside me. The last step was letting my cuck clean the cum out of me, which didn’t come until a little later.

Now I love it. Saturday night we had a bull over and he creamed my pussy thoroughly. The sex was fantastic and my orgasms were incredible. The orgasm I have when my cuckold eats another man’s cum out of me is even better though.

His hunger for me and the cum in my pussy turns me on. The desire in his eyes as he crawls between my legs is intensely erotic. The way he devours my pussy makes me tingle from head to toe. It’s become one of my favorite things about our cuckold marriage, which is why I’m especially turned on when I meet with a bull that’s going to fill me with cum.

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Nuno Filipe dijo...

Que belos conos...
Deixo cumprimentos.

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