Just ridden him for a baby

She could sense that he was very close. So she flipped her hair back as she got into place, and started riding him like there’s no tomorrow. He laid there beneath her, transfixed by her beauty and the rhythm of her hips; embracing her intensity and sending it right back.Their eyes locked in mutual admiration.

And then she sent him over the top. He began to release, and spert after spert of his rich semen began painting her insides. Still, she kept riding vigorously. For the sport of it. And to give his fluids time to seep in, past her cervix. Hoping it would invade her womb.

As the passion continued you could hear the sticky creamy sounds from the friction against all that had been deposited within her. Until eventually she began to slow, satisfied by the thought that she had just ridden him for a baby.

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