Nice insemination

Hi Dad. Close the door and come in. There’s plenty of room for you right here.

You finally got the hint did you Dad? I was wondering when you’d notice me flirting with you. Don’t feel bad Daddy. You deserve to be happy. I know Mom treats you like shit, but you don’t need her anymore. You have me. Undress me Dad. Taste me.

Oh yes Daddy… You do that so well! Your talents are wasted on Mom. Now lie back and let me do you.

Bet Mom doesn’t do this anymore, does she Dad. You should kick her out… Shhhh don’t argue Dad. Let me just… mmmpppphhh

Your cock feels so good in my mouth. I’ll never complain about having to do this for you Dad. Now let me just sit up on you…

Oh Daddy - fuck! You feel so good! No, I’m not on birth control, but it’s okay Dad. I know you always wanted more children and Mom refused. Well, you can have them with me. Put your babies in me Dad!

Ohhhhhhh Daddy! I can feel you cumming inside me! I love you Dad!

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